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The Club exists to provide a safe and fun environment for primary aged children whose parents require child care during out of school hours. Admission is not restricted to parents who are working, as the Management Committee believes that the Club provides an opportunity for children to develop their social and interpersonal skills and so may benefit all children. However if the Club facilities become stretched it may be necessary to give priority to those children whose parents/carers are in work or education, or who otherwise have exceptional child care needs.

Our Vision, Values, and Aims

Our Vision

We aim to provide a safe and secure play environment, offering responsive care and learning opportunities to encourage our children to become confident and independent individuals.


Our Values

  • Burgh after school club recognises and values the contribution children and families can make to improve our service. We can better reflect upon our current practice by gaining feedback from children and families.

  • At the club we promote individuality through offering a variety of play experiences. We believe it is important that children choose their own experiences based on what they are interested in.

  • Staff are inclusive, welcoming, and family friendly.  We believe having a skilled and responsive team of staff ensures the best possible outcomes for the children in our care.

  • Children should always feel safe and secure, so that they can focus on developing their knowledge and skills through the world around them.

Our Aims

SAFE – Staff are knowledgeable of all club policies and procedures. These are always followed to eliminate possible hazards.

HEALTHY – To provide a variety of indoor and outdoor exercise activities daily, alongside offering healthy snack/breakfast options.

ACHIEVING – To provide stimulating play opportunities daily, encouraging individual interests to help children grow and learn.

NURTURED – To provide an environment where children feel safe, secure, and listened to.

ACTIVE – To provide exciting exercise opportunities daily, both indoors and outdoors.

RESPECTED – To continue to build positive relationships with both children and families, while listening to their views.

RESPONSIBLE – To promote children’s independence through encouragement, building on their confidence.

INCLUDED – Ensure all children and families feel included and listened to.

Opening Times

Breakfast Club:

Monday to Friday:        7:45am - 8:55am     £4.00/session

After School Club:

Monday to Thursday:    3:00pm - 5:45pm


Friday Early Session:   12:20pm - 3:00pm


Friday Late Session:    12:20pm - 5:45pm


Holiday Club

Monday to Thursday:

Full day:                        7:45am - 5:45pm


Morning:                       7:45am - 1:00pm


Afternoon:                    1:00pm - 5:45pm


All fees must be paid in advance. 

The Burgh After School Club are proud to confirm that they are now an accredited Living Wage Employer. 

For more details on this please visit the Scottish Living Wage website

We also hold a Healthy Living Award, please visit their website for more information.


March 2023​​

  • We are looking forward to our plans for the Easter holidays where we will be busy with Easter egg hunts, baking, and Easter craft activities. 

  • If your child attends our club please request to join our Facebook page which is private, so that you stay up-to-date with all of our notifications and announcements.

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